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What Is CryptxBot?

CryptxBot is a software as a service trading automation platform for crypto.

The system helps you trade your crypto better.

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3 Huge Mistakes Traders Make

1) Not Using Stop-losses

Smart traders always use stop-losses to guard against the downside.

If you’re automating trades then you NEED to use stop-losses or you’ll lose your shirt!

2) Not Movings Stop-Losses

If you’re not moving your stop-loss up as the price
of a coin rises then you run the risk of losing out on profits when the price comes crashing back down.

Instead, lock in your profits by moving your stop-loss up.

Most systems don't let you move your stop-losses.

3) Not Selling at Multiple Profit Targets

Are you waiting for every trade to "moon" before getting out?

The best traders sell off a position little by little as the price moves up.

Unfortunately, setting sell targets is a pain in most systems.

Avoid all these problems with CryptxBot!
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