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What Is CryptxBot Algo Trader?

CryptxBot Algo Trader is our crypto trade automation system based on trading algorithms.

In testing over the past year our premier trading algorithm has produced a positive ROI of over 300%!

While there are other trading bots available on the market, none are as easy as CryptxBot Algo Trader.

Simply add your exchange API key.

Then choose how much you want placed for each trade. That’s it!

No need to worry about when to buy or sell, or rollercoaster volatility.

Our system will do all the heavy lifting to safely get you in and out of trades.

How Does It Work?

Our system uses technical analysis indicators to build a market trend following strategy that trades between USDC and Bitcoin.

Trades are placed when the price is starting to move in a new direction and there’s a high probability the new trend will continue.

The trading algorithm takes in consideration volume, support & resistance, and volatility.

What Does It Look Like?

Take a look at these screenshots of the CryptxBot Algo Trader Web app.

‍We worked hard to make the interface as simple and intuitive to use as possible.

Take a look at the interface

How Do You Set It Up?

CryptxBot Algo Trader is super easy to set up. See the video below.

Easy set up video

Are You The Right Fit?

Here are the requirements for using CryptxBot Algo Trader:

  • You want to make a long-term crypto investment, not day trading
  • You’re interested in having a portion of your portfolio traded automatically
  • You understand there will be ups and downs in account value
  • You have a Coinbase account or are willing to set one up
  • You hold or will obtain USDC. It's easy to make the conversion at Coinbase.

How Much?

CryptxBot Algo Trader is normally priced at $100 per month.

As a special offer for Parallel18 Demo Day...

Signup for only $25 a month for your first year of service.

And you’re free to cancel at any time. There is no obligation.

This is an amazing offer so take advantage before it's too late.

Get started Now - for Only $25


What Exchanges Will Be Supported?

CryptxBot Algo Trader currently supports trades through Coinbase only.

Subsequent updates will add support for other exchanges (Binance, Bittrex, and more).

As exchanges are added, you will have access to all of them.

What Coins Are Traded?

Currently the service trades between USD Coin (USDC) and Bitcoin (BTC).

You'll need USDC, the dollar pegged stable coin from Coinbase.

It's one click to convert USD to USDC at Coinbase.

When Can I Use It?

It's available now. Cryptx Algo Trader launched on September 1, 2019.

How Do We Process Subscriptions?

We use PayPal to process your $25 monthly subscription.

After the first year we'll contact you about your pricing options.

Who Holds The Crypto?

You hold/maintain custody of your crypto.

Our service connects to your Coinbase account via API key.

Can We Take Your Crypto?

No, we connect to your Coinbase account with an API key that prevents us from withdrawing your crypto.

Is This A Rebalancing Strategy?

No, we use a trend following strategy.

If you’re interesting in rebalancing a crypto portfolio please check out Shrimpy.io.

Are There Stop-Losses?

Yes, currently we use a 3% stop-loss and will adjust that number as the algorithm evolves.

Is This A One Trick Pony?

At launch we'll offer one trading algorithm and a very limited feature set.

Additional algorithms and a few power features will be added in subsequent releases of the app.

What Amount Can I Trade?

We let you choose what percentage of your account you want to place on each trade. In the future we may choose to limit the size of trades based on the subscription plan or other factors.

That’s said, start small until you understand how the system performs.

What’s The Smallest Amount I Can Trade?

The minimum allowable trade is $15 in USDC value. Consider trading between $15 to $100 in USDC value per trade.

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What Team is Behind CryptxBot?

We’re Jamie and Steven, the founders of Cryptx Labs.

We created CryptxBot from our own frustrations with trading crypto.

Cryptx Labs is located in paradise: San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Get started Now - for Only $25